Saturday, May 9, 2009

My strong fist

Last week some day. Simon took my food to eat. Then I was so angry. Then I punched his nose. Or Poor man. Why you were marry with a very strong lady?
He still keeps on eatting.
After three days. He wanted to show you that beautifull scar.
Then he does back to handsome man again. Can he to be the moive star?
Now . you shell know that truly reason what made his nose to get hurt. Ha Ha.

Usually the wroker hurt thier hand. finger or feet. Why Simon hurt his nose? Why? Funny Funny.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The fun night

Our good friends Marlany and Andy invited us to their home to play the table game it call:" Dominoes Mexican train" at last evenihgt. They are very nice couple. We had the tea and some delicious desert and some one's tears to enjoy this evening.
By the first game, Marlany was lossing. Then she was crying. Oh Poor girl, Why don't use the big towel to dry your tears? Ha Ha.

Then Andy was following her turn to cry. Hey, dear Andy, You are a man. Should't care the loss. Why like the lady to cry? Why don't put your hope for next game?

By the first time. He is cleaning his right eye's tear

Then clean his left eya's tear.

When you couple lost, I am the big winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

So Andy. I told your that never loss your hope. At this time, you were lossing only small number. Then you were show up your nice smile. Good boy.

Simon was staying calm in fighting against.

Why I point to Marlany? Because she always cut my way to loss my chance to win. bad girl Marlany!

Then she is happy!!!!!!!!!!!

See. Of her ruthless idea. Then the big numbers made me to be the lost.

This time. It was my turn to crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Marlany & Andy:
Please listen my piano music it call" The thankful is from my heart to fly to you"
Thanks for your kindness friendship. It is brighting our senset life. It is the big gift from God's hands. Thanks again for this wonderful evening.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Christmas !

We so bless to have the celebration for Chrstmas in Wallaceburg Ont Canada.

Our Children and Grandchildren are far far away from us. But the friendship always to warm our heart .The happiness are everywhere. The sunset life still brighting in this small town.

The time past so fast.Christmas of 2007 is by the conner.Simon & I would like to send our best wish to you and this world. Hope you have merry Christmas holiday season.And the Peace, Plentiful,Reciprocal Favored Treatment,Clean of Environmental and Educatoin in this world.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thanksgiving holiday in Kingston

On September 5th. Ka Hung & Melanie send me a train ticket for the Thanksgiving gift to go to kingston for the Thanksgiving holidays. ( Siomowent to Vancouver to help KA Kei & Rebecca to fix thier house and wait for their new baby to come to this world) I had a very enjoyful time with my two sons , two daughter in law and two grandchildren.What should I ask for? with thier countless love. Ii am a very lucky lady in this world. Thank you for all what you gave me, My dear children!!!!!!

This is a young couple's idea and hard work's great resuil!

Ka Hung & Mel used 6 months to rebuild this new bathroom by theyself at thier house down stair. Nice job!

Two brothers are enjoying the big didner

Thanksgiving didner at Ka Yu, Janice & Jada's home

Let us together to catch the music beat to clap the rhythm to sing.

Grandmom & Grandson sing together

Nice young family

At Ka Hung & Melanie and dante's home.
Always has he music.
Two sister in laws: Melanie and Janice. We had another Thanksgiving didner at Ka Yu & Janice home.

They are playing HIDE AND SEE.( King is 20 months old. The General is 14 months old.They are running very fast. They will show up in the world marathon some day.
They hug each of other. Brother and sister!!!!!!

The King and the general have the standing meeting

Janice's parents. Jada's grandparents.

Wim & Bettie. They are very kindness couple. very love These two little guys.

I am so happy with your both in Kingston on this Thanksgiving holiday.

Dear grandchildren:

I would like to play some lovely violin music for your supper time. In this world, we should always to keep our thankful for what we are getting. We don't need so rich of our material life. A small house, Some simple clothes, and simple food.But we have the music, the books, the art of view, mind. And exercise.......Then we are rich people.

Do you know what he is doing? He wants to hide himself in this wood kitchen.

THEN HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

What are they doing here? They work together to do the kitchen works. The lady General would like to in charge the water head. The King Wants to find the dishes to clean.

This kitchen play set Mel made it .Then Jada Sea Yuen & Dante Wai Jo have the good toy to learn how to do the kitchen work.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Head to Buenos Aires in Argentina

I was standing on the peak of Andes! The whole world was under my view! I could see the people are climbing up and down in the Eiffel Tower in paris. The fish are swimming in the nile River in Africa. The travellers are walking on the great wall in China. A 102 years old man who is looking like my violin teacher Mr. Armand binot is riding the wild elephant in the forest in India and playing his violin .Ka Kei & Rebecca are eatting their supper by their new fireplace. in vancouver. Ka Hay is running at the downtown to catch the bus.Then she jump in to the the time her body is in the bus,but her right foot is out of the bus door's crack. Then she is yelling:"Hey, please stop! My right shoes was falling off my foot and droped out on the road! Driver! let me to get off. I have to get my shoe! Oh my poor girl Ka Hay, I am very sure that you must be late to work! Ka Yu & Janice are dancing at their kitchen with Jada.( Dear Jada Sea Yuen, Mah MAh is very missing you .I will buy the beautiful dance shoes from Argentina back to you.) Simon is finding his work shoes to go to work.( I did not tell him that I borrow it. Sorry Simon. You may have my dance shoes. Even it would fit your half foot, but that better then you have barefoot to work) I could see Ka Hung is playing the guitar , Mel and Dante are singing to wait for I arrive! I could see any thing with you are laughing when you read my blog. Thanks for your time to laugh with me.Life is so beautiful! Always keep laugh, then you may have good health and smart mind!

I learned that way was from my Chinese old tradition to carry my very heavy luggage.Even though I never did it of my life.It was little easy -going to carry Dante's new year gift to walk down .So, some time we shell keep our old tradition to help us to get over the hard time.

I had to across the great Marsh before arrived to the capital B.A of Argentina.Simon's work shoes were pasting on the ground mud more then 38 time and to say " Bye Bye to my barefeet.but I was still keep my happy mood to keep on my trip.Because I did get the shoes out off the mud and wear on it to walk.and the B.A was infront for me.I could smell the B B Q donkey from Ka Hung's kitchen.

Before I arrived to B.A. I would like to play this swing before I meet Dante.Because I didn't want to here he said that:" Dear Mah MAh.I never know that a old lady can play the swing after she done 13,000km walk trip.How old are you Mah MAh?" Every one shell know that ladies's age is a big secret.I don't want to tell Dante my true age. But I would like to tell you that I was born in 1876.( How good is your math?)

Oh! Thank you God!!!! I arrived in B.A.!!!!! I did the great record for this world. who could walk with 200lb luggage to across half world? Who could use 6 days to carry that life turkeys, ducks, fish ...with the unfit big shoes from Canada to Argentina?So, even though I was so tire. I would like to ask myself that:" Is it very truly? Is it a happy dream?Whre am I? At the Avondale street in Wallaceburg or Ka Hung's house in Argentina?" I don't know the right answer. Do you know?

OH! Too tire!!! I couldn't standing up!!!!!I had to pray to God to help me to finish the last step. Then I could knock Ka Hung's house door.Only one more minute, then I could have the B.B.Q donkey meat for my empty stomach.Then I hear Dante's voice from the house window:" Keep on walking, my dear Mah MAh! Only one more step and one more minute!you are agreat lady in this world! No one can do that job what you did!!!!!"

I was at Ka Hung's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Home, sweet home!!!!

Would you like to share my this bottle of brandy to celebrate my HAPPY GREAM done?Thank you very much for your time,your beautiful mind and happy mood to sing the FANTASIA with my sunset life.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On the road again

After the fun on the silde ,I continued my trek to across the great prairie in Chile.I hope that I can arrive Ka Hung's home before new year Eve. Then I kept on walk on the road from the sunriase to sunset with Simon's big shoes.

I was clambing up to the mountain Andes.Do you know how high of this famous mountain?3,000 m.!I am a small size old lady. I only 5'4 high, 108 lb wieght.but I had to carry Dante's Turkeys, Ka HUng's ducks, Melanie's fish and.......I used two days to clamb up to the peak.

By that time the sky was so blue.Such a sky I never did see.I would tie it up with a ribbon, and put it in my luggage to bring home.Then I would keep it as a treasure to last my sunset life long.

I climb up on the peak of Andes!!!!!!!!. I was crossing the Borader of Chile and Argentina. Hello Argentina!!!!! Bye Bye Chile! I could see Dante's smile and hear he said that:" Dear Mah MAh. Welcome to Argentina! Climb down the mountain Andes with my turkeys!!!!!. We are waiting for your new year's gift!!!!!!! I will teach you to dance of Argentina tango!"